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Woodburning Stoves Dublin

Heatco Woodfuel Ltd. make finding woodburning stoves in Dublin that are both stylish and easy to maintain an effortless task thanks to the wide variety of styles available in our Dublin showroom.

From traditional to contemporary, all our woodburning stoves are sourced from leading suppliers including Aduro, Charnwood, Max Blank, Morso, Rocal, Stanley, Stovax and Termatech.

Woodburning stoves provide an ideal heating solution for any room in your Dublin home without compromising on style. Stoves are clean burning, environmentally friendly and more fuel efficient than other heating systems.

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Four Reasons You Should Buy A Woodburning Stove

  • CE Marked and HETAS accredited: The CE mark is an indicator that a manufacturing company is conforming to exacting and high standards and is developing products that comply with EU safety, health and environmental requirements. And the HETAS logo indicates an accreditation that shows an appliance complies fully with rigorous safety and energy efficiency requirements. Each of our stoves are fitted by fully qualified HETAS approved installers.
  • Cleanburn technology: This technology works by introducing pre-heated, secondary air into the firebox to burn the excess hydrocarbons in the smoke, resulting in more heat delivery into your room and less heat escaping up the chimney.
  • Eco-Friendly: Clients can choose from an extensive range of woodburning stoves that are both efficient and suitable for properties located in Smoke Control Areas. Visit our Dublin showroom and browse our selection of traditional and modern designs.
  • Quality materials: Heavy gauge steel and fine cast iron woodburning stoves are not only excellent at retaining heat but they also stand out for their decorative detailing and elegant appearance. Woodburning stoves offer superb performance and value for money.

Woodburning Stoves Dublin FAQ

  • Should I buy a cast iron or steel stove?

    A well looked after, high-quality stove of either cast iron or steel will give you decades of reliable service. Some stoves have a combination of both materials which is a popular option among clients. Cast iron heats up slower than steel but it does tend to hold onto heat for longer even after a fire goes out.

  • Do I need a chimney?

    No. However, you will need a twin wall, insulated flue system if you do not have an existing chimney. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any question relating to installation for your Dublin property.