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Bio-Ethanol Fires

Bio-Ethanol fires are modern, innovative alternatives to traditionally fuelled heating systems, as they burn using alternative fuels which are 100% renewable, greatly reducing the environmental impact. Heatco Woodfuels Ltd. supply and fit a range of bio-ethanol fires sourced from leading, reputable manufacturers and we offer them at some of the most competitive prices on the market.

There are many advantages to opting for a bio-ethanol fireplace, these including:

  • They are flueless and produce no soot, ashes or smoke
  • They give real flames and produce a good amount of heat
  • They are easy to install & use

There are few, if any, restrictions on where bio-ethanol fires can be used; conservatories, holiday homes, etc.
All installations are carried out by members of our team of fully qualified, HETAS approved installers and we can arrange for installation to be carried out at a time that is suitable for you.