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Bio-Ethanol Fires

Bio-Ethanol fires are modern, innovative alternatives to traditionally fuelled heating systems, as they burn using alternative fuels which are 100% renewable, greatly reducing the environmental impact. Heatco Woodfuels Ltd. supply and fit a range of bio-ethanol fires sourced from leading, reputable manufacturers and we offer them at some of the most competitive prices on the market.

There are many advantages to opting for a bio-ethanol fireplace, these including:

  • They are flueless and produce no soot, ashes or smoke
  • They give real flames and produce a good amount of heat
  • They are easy to install & use

There are few, if any, restrictions on where bio-ethanol fires can be used; conservatories, holiday homes, etc.
All installations are carried out by members of our team of fully qualified, HETAS approved installers and we can arrange for installation to be carried out at a time that is suitable for you.

Bio-Ethanol Fires FAQ

  • What is bio ethanol fuel made of?

    Bioethanol is an environmentally clean product of plant origin. It has undergone rectification three times and constitutes a wholly renewable source of energy. It is made by fermentation from grains rich in sugar or starch, for example cereal crops, sugar beet and sorghum plants.

  • Is smoke emitted during burning?

    Neither odor or smoke is emitted during the burning process.
    During the burning process, steam and CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) remain in the air in proportions similar to those contained in the air exhaled by human breath. No undesired side-effects such as smoke, ash or solid remains after the burning process.

  • What are the benefits in buying one of these stoves?

    Bioethanol fires and stoves are easy to use, they are an instantaneous heat source, there is no mess or ash and they are a carbon-neutral heat source. The biofires are transferable to any room and they are an elegant design feature for any room. Biofires create a cosy atmosphere without the need to install a chimney. With bio fires all the heat generated from the stove is confined to one room therefore they are a very economical heat source that can be effortlessly activated on demand.