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Gas fires

At Heatco Woodfuel Ltd we supply an extensive range of high-quality gas fires available in a variety of styles and sizes in order to suit any fireplace opening. Gas fires are relatively easy to use and maintain, and are cost effective, making them an ideal option for your home. Gas fires are extremely efficient as they begin to heat at the flip of a switch. We source our gas fires from trusted manufacturers so you can guarantee you will be receiving a quality product.

Our modern gas fires are ideal for those looking to add some sleek, contemporary style to their home. We have options to suit a wide range of fireplace openings and can advise you on which gas fires we think will best suit your requirements. A gas fire will require proper installation and a gas line running to the property. Our expert fitters are able to ensure your new gas fire is properly and safely installed.

View our wide selection of quality gas fires online or visit our showroom at 25 Grange Road in Rathfarnham.

Gas Fires FAQ

  • Are gas fires expensive to run?

    Not particularly. Gas fires can be a cost-effective and energy-efficient way of heating your home, as they give off fantastic heat without charging too much. Modern gas fires are especially energy-efficient.

  • Can you install gas fires?

    Yes, we offer professional Dublin gas fire installation services carried out by HETAS-certified installers.

  • What kind of gas fires do you sell?

    We sell a range of Dublin gas fires including wall-mounted gas fires, standalone gas fires, gas stoves, and more. The brands we stock include Dru, Element 4, Gazco, and more.