Traditional, Contemporary & Pellet Stoves

A stove is a focal point of any living room. Stoves are clean burning, environmentally friendly and are more fuel efficient than other heating systems.
We invite you to visit our showroom and take a look at some of our beautiful stoves on display.
Heatco Woodfuel Ltd showcase a large variety of wood burning, multi-fuel and gas stoves catering to all tastes from traditional to contemporary.

We pride ourselves on our technical and focused approach.
We supply all the most sought after stove brands including Aduro, Stovax, Henley, Heat Design, Dik Guerts and more.
Combine style and functionality with our range of wood burning and multi fuel stoves, we are happy to recommend a stove that will suit your home.
We offer an expert fitting service and all our installers are HETAS approved and highly experienced.


There are many benefits to choosing stoves over open fires. An open fire has an efficiency of less than 20% meaning the majority of your heat simply goes up the chimney.
A stove uses far less fuel to heat your home and has an efficiency of about 80% which drastically reduces your fuel consumption and lowers your heating bills.
CO2 levels are also reduced helping you to boost your BER Certificate.